Doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers

Doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers

PSH doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers now :

BRENIERE Thomas, thesis topic : "Impact of genotype-practice interactions on the content and sequestration of carotenoids in plant matrices and associated health effects. - Case study on two Solanaceae species"

ETIENNE Lucas, thesis topic : "Impact of landscape structure and farming practices on level of pest infestation and pesticide use in perennial cropping systems "

IDIER Mathilda, co-supervision INRAE-ANSES, thesis topic : "Characterization and detection of (bio)pesticide resistance in the codling moth (Cydia pomonella): a genomic approach"

MIELE Léonardo, thesis topic : "Modelling of division and expansion processes of tomato fruit cells"

LAFFON Ludivine, thesis topic : "Trophic interactions among hoverfly and parasitoid communities, flower plants, and insect pests in apple orchards"

SINKORA Miarka, co-supervision PSH/SQPOV, thesis topic : "Identification of the biological determinants of the texture and color of tomato purees in the context of input reduction (water and nitrogen) and climate change"

Defended theses since 2019 :

ASLANI Leila, thesis topic : "Increase of water use efficiency and fruit quality in green house tomato"

DROUILLARD Antoine, Thesis topic : "Quality of mangoes (Mangifera indica) : a study of the pre and post-harvest continuum through experimental analysis and modelling."

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