Biochemical analyses laboratory

Biochemical analyses laboratory


The laboratory is considered as a technical platform within the PSH unit.

Its main mission is to meet the analytical needs linked to the unit's research projects. The laboratory carries out an analytical service activity based on validated methods and also some method development activities in order to respond favourably to emerging needs. Furthermore, regular training in analytical techniques for students and staffs are organised.

The biochemical analyses described below are for the most part carried out on a routine basis, essentially for PSH researchers (90% of the demand) and more sporadically for other INRAE units or other structures (CTIFL, IFV, CIRAD, CNRS, etc.).

The laboratory carries out regular methodological activities to support the changing analytical needs of PSH researchers. Furthermore, the laboratory also uses the Metaboscope instrument suite (LCMS and GCMS with on-line derivation).


Developments range from the adaptation of existing methods (miniaturisation, automation, optimisation of sample collection) to the implementation/development of new analytical methods and the deployment of new technologies (SPIR and XRF measurements).

As far as possible, any new methodology development is promoted by publication of scientific articles and/or seminar presentations.

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